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Artist / Founder
CEO of Jesso Creatives
I have a BFA from The Newschool Parsons School of Design. I have been working in the Fine-Arts Scene for about 6 years now! I have previously worked in Galleries in Tokyo / New York, as an Artist Assistant in Tokyo, Animation Agencies. It's now been about 2 years since I have established my own creative agency, JESSO Creatives. We currently work primarily in Design, Art Directioning / Consulting and Corporate Branding! I have been in the Web 3.0 / Crypto space for around 2 years both as a creator and investor! Looking forward to building something with you all!
Project Manager
CAO of Jesso Creatives
I have a B.A in Economics from Waseda University. I have been working as a manager / assistant in the entertainment industry for 3 years. I am currently the CAO at JESSO Creatives alongside JIN. I primarily work around the logistics of our operation as an organization, and coordinate projects! I have been personally investing/studying cryptocurrency for around 2 years and been in the NFT space for over 1 year.
Dev Manager
I have a BE from Waseda University. I have been working in the engineering / consulting field for 2 years now. I am currently working at Accenture as a consultant in systems architecture. I have been working with JESSO Creatives since its birth as a developer, undertaking multiple projects within and outside of the agency.
Marketing Director
I have a BBA in Marketing from Seattle University. I currently work at a US Based Marketing Agency as a Client Success Leader/ Head of account strategy for the past 2 years. I specialize in corporate identity branding and socials!
Marketing Manager
I am a photo/ videographer based in Tokyo, Japan. I have been in the creative space for around 4 years. I have been working as an assistant for a photographer based in Tokyo for about 2 years helping out with shooting logistics, editing and social media coordinating. I currently work at JESSO Creatives as their social media manager and content creator for all of our social outlets including this MELTDOWN Project!
Marketing Manager
I have a BA in International Relations. I am currently based in Kyoto, Japan. I have been working within the social media marketing space for around 2 years! I am a huge Car lover! Hit me up if you want to talk about cars or anything related!
Frontend Dev
I majored in CS at Keio University. I am currently an UI / UX developer based in Tokyo! I am proficient in not only front-end related affairs ( html / css/ js), but also in parallel programming for transactional databases! As a member of the MELTDOWN project, I have been heavily involved in the designing and construction of the website to help communicate our narrative and goals!
3D Artist
I am a free-lance 3D Artist based in Tokyo, Japan. I have been in the 3D Space for around 2 years now! I specialize in tools like Cinema 4D and Octane Render!
I have a BS in Recreation & Hospitality Management and currently based in Tokyo. Been in the Web 3 space for about 3 years connecting people from PJ to PJ. I believe that “Innovations are powered by great collaborations and communication”. With that being said, I look forward to the growth and expansion of the MDC community through our Support Artist Program.